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The Lithos Crystals Guide

The Lithos Crystals Guide

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WHAT IS IT? Want to know more about crystals? What are they? How do they work? How do you choose the right one's for you? 

We have put together an easy to read guide with all the info you need to know. It's basically the guide we wish we had when we started getting into crystals! 

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Includes information about the history of crystals, how to cleanse them, what you can use them for, where to place in your home, crystals for the Chakra's and Zodiac signs and an A-Z crystal guide with the properties of every single crystal! Also featuring illustrations by  beautiful Sydney based artist Sunny Mase Designs. 

WHAT YOU GET: A PDF downloadable 20 page E-book. Link for download is available once order confirmation is made. 


Handcrafted With Love & Infused With Reiki Energy

Each of our pieces is handmade by us, and infused with Reiki energy, amplifying its healing properties.

100% Natural Crystals + Quality Guaranteed

At Lithos Crystals we pride ourselves on finding the best quality stones for you. All our crystals are 100% natural and ethically sourced from all over the globe.

Custom Sizing And Orders

If you would like a custom size or item please send us an enquiry at or leave a note on your order.

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