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What is a Crystal?

Here is our guide through the basics!

Crystals can fill your life with magic, their own kind of unique radiant magic! 

Everything within and surrounding you at this very moment was born from stardust. Created by ancient cosmic events of unbelievable power, stardust exists in the entire universe and seeded life here too, on our planet. What is stardust made of? one may ask. Well, stardust = minerals. What about a crystal then? To put it simply, a crystal is a structure made up of various natural materials. A mineral is a material in itself! Therefore, crystals are made up of various minerals and minerals are made from stardust! 

It is interesting to consider that everything in our world is made up from minerals. The stars we see at night are mineral clusters, our buildings, cars and phones are crafted from minerals and crystals (steel = iron minerals, glass = melted crystals). Crystal technology isn’t some imaginable airy-fairy power, it is an essential building block of our civilization. We are using it without even realizing it!  

Even though the mythology of crystals and minerals is as ancient as global history, the beautiful stones are currently enjoying a very bright moment. Their intricate and glittering beauty is resonating with an ever-expanding tribe of people, who are exploring ways to experience them and embrace them in their daily lives.

Every person has a unique way of connecting with these stones, there is no right or wrong way to experience their power. Some find healing and solace to their deepest problems through them, others are mesmerized by their beauty alone and fill their life with happiness and ...stones. Then there are people that appreciate and analyze the piezoelectric capabilities (e.g. ability to convert pressure into electric current) of these stones.

In the end of the day, no matter the reason one collects them, we are all writing this sparkling story together, continuing the legacy of crystals as a connected community of enthusiasts and explorers. What will you discover in this journey? 


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