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The Lithos Crystals Story

First Things First...

What does Lithos mean? Unless you speak Greek you would be quite confused! LITHOS is an ancient Greek word meaning stone or rock.

How It All Began

We are Spiro and Francesca, a couple from Melbourne who humbly started this business due to our love of crystals, jewellery, Greece and each other!

Spiro moved from Pireus, Greece to Melbourne in 2006 and Francesca was born and raised in Australia, with an Italian Background. After years of working in retail and the fashion industry, we decided it was time for the next step of our journey.

We have been passionate crystal and stone collectors our whole lives, plus we feel really connected to Greece and the Mediterranean. Crystals make us happier than anything, and the Hellenic aesthetic is one of our favourite styles. It seemed like a no brainer to work with both and create something fresh and fun. The rest is history!

Our Mission

From the beginning, our mission has been to create fun, fashionable, unisex jewellery and lifestyle pieces. We felt like there wasn’t much on offer in the market, and working with stones and wearing our creations made us so happy. We felt like we wanted to make others feel the same way!

Our goal is to deepen your appreciation for the beauty of nature and spirituality, through our stones, crystal jewellery and other pieces. 

Our Gemstones

We take our time to source sustainable materials and ethical crystals. We love to support small suppliers and are proud to work with people from around the globe! Our jewellery is always made with good quality gemstones! We go through all the raw materials and handpick the finest looking ones for you. Any pieces that aren’t up to standard for our jewelry, get re-purposed in other projects of ours!

All our products are designed and handmade in Melbourne, Australia with love and magic by us ❤️

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