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Sage Palo Santo Crystal Bundle

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Made using White California Sage this is 12cm in size, with a Palo Santo stick, and Amethyst + Selenite Crystal.

Burning Sage or “smudging” is said to clear negative energy and cleanse. Sage can be used to cleanse crystals too! It also has antibacterial properties so it’s great to use in the home to freshen up the air. 


1. You will need to open up all windows and doors in your home - that negative energy needs an exit point to clear out! 

2. Set your intention - you can either come up with your own or state you wish to let go of anything that no longer serves you. 

3. Gently light up the sage and let it burn for 20seconds, then blow it out. You will then see smoke coming out. 

4. Slowly walk around and ensure you get in every corner of your space. You can also sage around yourself! Watch out for any embers that fall from the sage and be sure to extinguish them immediately. 

5. To Extinguish the sage - put the burning end in dirt or sand. Do not wet it as it will make it harder to light next time!