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Luminous Gem Pendant - Moonstone 925

Luminous Gem Pendant - Moonstone 925

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MADE WITH: Moonstone gemstone pendant encased in sterling silver 925 approx 1cm in size. Comes on a 33inch adjustable black cord for all length preferences. Due to the natural state of these crystals each pendant slightly varies in colour. 

Each piece is intuitively chosen for you. 

PROPERTIESThe Luminous Gem Pendant in Moonstone evokes mystical elegance and celestial enchantment. Crafted with a luminous Moonstone gemstone, renowned for its connection to the divine feminine and intuition, this pendant entrances with its iridescent glow and ethereal beauty. Moonstone soothes the emotions, enhances intuition, and promotes inner harmony. Adorn yourself with this pendant to harness the enchanting energy of the moon, to embrace your inner wisdom, and to radiate a gentle, mystical aura wherever you go.

Handcrafted With Love & Infused With Reiki Energy

Each of our pieces is handmade by us, and infused with Reiki energy, amplifying its healing properties.

100% Natural Crystals + Quality Guaranteed

At Lithos Crystals we pride ourselves on finding the best quality stones for you. All our crystals are 100% natural and ethically sourced from all over the globe.

Custom Sizing And Orders

If you would like a custom size or item please send us an enquiry at or leave a note on your order.

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