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Pyrite Lava Komboloi Worry Beads

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Komboloi or ‘Worry’ beads have been widely used in Greek culture since the mid 20th Century. They originate from Monks who would make strands of beads and tie them during prayer.
Nowadays, they are used as a fun and relaxation game, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety by manipulating them with one or two hands.

Experience the Lithos Crystals handmade Komboloi worry beads made in Australia. Our pieces are high-quality, made from natural stones for a unique and calming experience.

Each piece is hand-knotted for a smooth feel. Treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful and functional Komboloi from Lithos Crystals today!

Pyrite Is also known as ‘fools gold’, because of it’s gold coloured lustre. It’s name comes from ‘pyrós’ – the Greek word for fire! It is a powerhouse of positive energy and also aids with willpower and emotional protection! 

Made with 12mm Pyrite and Black Lava Stone Beads