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Aphrodite Coin Bracelet

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The Aphrodite Coin bracelet is a reversible antique silver coin with a gold plated outline. Approx 2.5cm in size on an adjustable black leather cord bracelet for all length preferences. 

This pendant is a museum quality reproduction of an ancient Greek coin used roughly around 400 B.C.

On the one side we can see goddess Aphrodite (Αφροδιτη), goddess of love, lust, beauty, passion, pleasure and procreation.  On the reverse side we have an Archer crouching, drawing his bow. Aphrodite was also worshipped as a warrior goddess.

We pay our respects to our ancient Greek ancestry and culture by making this beautiful piece for all of you to enjoy and showcase. Plato believed that the name Aphrodite comes from Greek aphros for foam, so born out of the sea foam. Feel the sea breeze and summer Mediterranean energy every time you wear the pendant just like the ancients did!