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Clear Quartz Cluster XL

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This Clear Quartz Cluster crystal is a magnificent natural formation that is highly prized for its beauty and powerful energy. This crystal is composed of multiple individual quartz points that have grown together, forming a stunning cluster that sparkles in the light.

Clear Quartz is believed to have a purifying and energizing effect, as it amplifies the energy of any other crystals or objects placed near it. It is also said to promote clarity of thought, intention, and purpose, making it an excellent crystal for meditation and manifestation.

Clear Quartz is thought to have a strong connection with the Crown chakra, which is associated with spiritual enlightenment and consciousness. This beautiful Clear Quartz Cluster is a must-have for any crystal collection and makes a stunning decorative piece in any home or office.

This piece is approx 12.5cm x 10cm x 4.5cm in size and weighs 430grams.