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Amethyst Aura Quartz Crystal

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WHAT IS IT: This Amethyst Aura Quartz crystal is a breathtakingly beautiful crystal that has been treated with a special coating to create a unique, iridescent sheen. This crystal combines the powerful energy of amethyst with the transformative properties of quartz, creating a stone that is both soothing and energising.

PROPERTIES: Amethyst Aura Quartz is believed to have a high spiritual vibration, helping to activate the Crown chakra and enhance intuition and psychic abilities. It is also said to have a calming effect on the mind and body, promoting inner peace and reducing stress and anxiety. This crystal is often used for meditation, spiritual growth, and healing, and is a popular choice for those looking to connect with their higher selves and access the power of the divine.

The stunning, rainbow-like colors of Amethyst Aura Quartz make it a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any crystal collection.

MEASUREMENTS: This piece is approx 13cm x 6.5cm x 5cm and weighs 600grams.

Handcrafted With Love

Handmade and designed by us in Melbourne, Australia.

100% Natural Crystals + Quality Guaranteed

At Lithos Crystals we pride ourselves on finding the best quality stones for you. All our crystals are 100% natural and ethically sourced from all over the globe.

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